Happy Housesitters International

About Tony & Linda

We are full-time international house and pet sitters, ready to lovingly care for your pets and home.


Travel is one of our greatest shared pleasures, so when we learned about the adventure that is full-time house and pet sitting from friends a few years ago, we both knew right away that it was for us.


As with many aspects of this unique lifestyle, things seem to fall into place naturally. We soon discovered that one can travel the world spending far less than living in any one place via pet and house sitting.


Our first sit was 3 months of winter in the English Countryside, minding two cats. Since then we’ve been to Spain, Ireland, Scotland, France, Mexico, all over the Pacific Northwest of the US, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Australia and New Zealand. We’ve loved all sorts and sizes of dogs, cats, chickens and fish - sometimes all at once!


We’ve taken care of everything from vast country estates with multiple pets, to apartments with a single cat. We’ve tended vegetable, fruit and ornamental gardens and looked after pets in rural and urban settings.


We were homeowners ourselves for over 30 years, so we’re not phased by everyday upkeep and maintenance. We’re exceptionally clean and tidy and will leave your home (and car) in better condition that when we arrive.


Our experience ranges from shoveling snow and tending fires to cleaning pools and prepping for hurricanes!


We look forward to connecting with you.