Happy Housesitters International

Tony and Linda are an amazing couple. Whilst we were away for the month they provided regular updates and videos on how our dog, Max, was coping with us being away. This provided us with much needed reassurance, especially as Max is getting on in years and has few mannerisms which take some getting used to. Clearly Max was very much taken by Tony and Linda, so much so, that on our return, I swear he looked us and said, oh you're back then, and then went back to sleep. When they departed he actually started to howl, which is a sign of endearment that he only displays to those he truly loves. He has subsequently checked their bedroom regularly since they have left to see if they are still around.

Beyond that the house was spotless on our return, probably cleaner than when we left it. Tony had clearly been busy in the garden with the lawn's freshly cut and a number of minor DIY job's taken care of. The car they used had been completely valeted plus the one they didn't use, which was well beyond the call of duty.

In conclusion both Tony and Linda were fantastic, this was the first time that we have used such an arrangement and based on our experience we wouldn't hesitate to ask Tony and Linda to both Pet and House sit for us again in the future. They are lovely people who genuinely care about what they do, show absolute respect for what is your house and the things within it. They even prepared a lunch for us to enjoy after they had left, knowing we had just experienced a 24-hour flight home. What more could you possibly ask for?