Happy Housesitters International

I can't say enough positive things. This was the first time using Trusted Housesitters and boy did we hit the jackpot! Linda and Tony arrived early to bond and learn about the dogs. Our dogs were immediately drawn to the both of them. They have alot of experience house and petsitting and made us feel confident about leaving our little fluffs with them. In fact we kept noticing while away that we didn't feel anxious at all about how the dogs were doing. There is just something wonderful about Linda and Tony and we would love to have them back over and over. Alas, they are busy and I wish them the best on their next adventure, and hope our paths cross again. P.S. The house truly was better than we left it. They brought our plants back to life and I think they fixed a leaking showerhead. Haha we just noticed that.

Like another reviewer said, if you get an opportunity to host them, grab it!