Happy Housesitters International

Some five years ago, on our way to Thailand, we met a couple at a bar in San Francisco's airport. We got to talking and learned about what they did with their lives, which was to house and pet sit all over the world. Honestly, it seemed a little crazy and we walked away thinking that it was a little crazy and that it didn't seem likely we would ever do it. Fast forward to the present day when we began to travel back to Greece for long stays. We considered our kennel, but the price for our girl, CJ, was exorbitant. The kennel also advised that long stays, weeks and months, in our case, was not good for the dog. Also, our house would have been left empty. We began to talk to Linda and Tony via email and decided to try this arrangement, which requires a huge leap of faith in people you really don't know. For us and for them. This last summer, we were in Greece for six weeks, came back to California, and then returned to Greece for four months in September. Linda and Tony lived in our house, took care of our beloved dog and our house (and our cars). It was an incredible experience. First and foremost, the dog adored them. When they returned after the first sit, she went absolutely crazy, delighted to see that they had returned. Secondly, after the first time they were here, and after the second time (after four months), the house was impeccably cared for. Linda was kind enough to have cooked for our return, and we spent a couple of days together before they left for their next adventure. It was like being with old friends. We trust them completely. Our neighbors took to them and they became part of the routine here where we live. They are incredibly conscientious and kind. We knew what was happening at home, if they needed anything for the house or the dog or if we needed anything from home. (I needed some important paperwork, Tony found it and sent it.) This is a win-win arrangement. Our animal was loved and cared for. She could be at home, not skipping a beat. Our house was cared for. We had peace of mind and we would do it again. We plan to do it all again. Tony and Linda are the best and I am more than happy to speak to anyone about them who might consider their services.