Happy Housesitters International

Laura - Palm Harbor, Florida, US

Trusted House Sitters - August 18 - 22, 2017

This was our first time having someone that we'd never met house sit for us. It was a little scary taking that leap of faith, but we quickly felt assured that we had chosen the right sitters. They were fantastic from start to finish. We invited them to spend the night with us the night before our leaving. We had such a nice time visiting with them that it was hard to leave. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again someday. I consider them new friends.

They were great about sending us photos and updates. One of our dogs had problems while we were gone and they did such a great job of taking care of him. He had itching that turned into a big hot spot. They bought new meds to put on him. I hadn't realized that mine had expired. I felt awful about that but they had my back and really went above and beyond in taking care of him.

Not only did they provide great pet care, we even returned to a super clean house. Clean sheets, clean towels, and all of our dishes cleaned and put away. I'm pretty sure it was cleaner than when we left! Most importantly, happy dogs and fish. It was wonderful being able to enjoy our trip with no worries about what was happening at home.

I wish we could give them more stars than just 5. I would highly recommend them. They far exceeded our expectations. What a great experience. We can't thank you enough, Linda and Tony!

Mr. Miyagi & Benji

Anne & Graham - Whitney, Oxforshire, UK

Trusted House Sitters - January 10 - April 05, 2018

Both Linda and Tony did a great job of looking after our cats and the house and we could not recommend them high enough. We not only had welcome home flowers but food too including new flowers in our planters around the house. The cellar and fridge were well stocked and the house was clean and tidy. They kept us fully informed about what was happening at home even when things went wrong (water leaks in bathroom) and we could help by engaging workmen to sort the problems. We were away for 3 months in Perth Western Australia and it was great to know that we had people in our house that we could really rely on. Well done Linda and Tony.

Snoop & Twinkle

Linda and Gordon - Bicester, UK

Trusted House Sitters - April 07 - 21, 2018

Linda and Tony were the best house sitters and I hope we are lucky enough to be able to use their services again. It was especially good that we were able to meet them at our house a few weeks before our holiday. This put our minds at rest as we felt immediately at ease with them. They sent us just the right amount of emails, whilst we were away, so that we felt in touch with home and with Frankie too. We returned home to find everything lovely and clean and Frankie looked very well cared for and happy. We highly recommend them.

Stephan D. - Arbonne le Foret, France

Nomador - April 25 – May 14, 2018

That was the best moment of our holidays ... leave the house to Linda and Tony ... and the very good think was for our dogs ... Avane & Virgule ... Everything was perfect --- more than perfect ... If tomorrow we have to do it again ... we will do it ... without any problem ... you can trust both of them ... Hope to see you soon Linda and Tony!


Avane & Virgule

Cindy - Reading, UK

Trusted House Sitters - May 15 - 31, 2018 / Repeat Sit - June 11 - 15, 2018

What can I say... Linda and Tony are just the best. They took the greatest care of our pets and home, going above and beyond the call of duty. Our Springer Spaniel had been diagnosed with a liver complaint a few days before we were due to leave and they took on the making of a special diet when Megan refused to eat the veterinary prescribed food and also baked for my nieces charity cake stall. The house was pristine when we arrived home, and I think quietly the dogs were quite disappointed to see us walk through the door and not Linda and Tony. I cannot praise them highly enough and in fact they are due to housesit again for us in the not too distant future. Snap them up if you get the chance, you will not regret the decision to get them to housesit for you. Happy travels guys!


What more can I add apart from the fact that it was a delight to welcome Linda and Tony back for a repeat sit. The dogs were delighted to see them and it was so reassuring for us to watch them head off on their morning walk with Linda and Tony and not fret about leaving us at the house waving them off. I cannot recommend them highly enough and hope to see them again if/when they visit the UK again. Safe journeys guys.

Megan, Boris, Oscar & the Chooks

Diana - Camberley, UK

Trusted House Sitters - June 1 - 10, 2018

Linda and Tony were such a delightful couple and the perfect house sitters. They were so friendly and bonded immediately with Enya. Every morning they took her to the 'doggy crech' - our friendly group of dog walkers, and then into the woods. I couldn't have been happier with how they communicated with me before, during and after the sit - along with photos. When I got home I was greeted with a very happy dog and a most delicious meal. Tony had mowed the lawn and cut back all the rhododendrons making the garden look so neat. My house was beautifully clean and Linda had washed all the sheets and towels. I would recommend them unreservedly and wish them well in their future sits. I do hope they will come back when they are in the UK!


Suzi - Silverton, Oregon, US

Nomador - June 28 - July 19, 2018

Lovely couple! Extremely capable and trustworthy. Not sure our pets even missed us ???? Came home to a clean home and 5 very happy dogs and 2 cats! Linda and Tony have great energy about them and are just genuinely nice people. We whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking to entrust them with their home and or pets for any duration of time. We had them house/pet sit for 3 weeks during a very hot Summer holiday, and everything was perfect when we returned. We hope to stay in touch with them as they have many fabulous adventures house and pet sitting around the world! We can’t wait to follow in their footsteps and become international house sitters ourselves!!

Jet, Lola, Cheese, Otto, Timmy, Davey

Susanne - El Dorado Hills, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - July 23 - August 30, 2018

Linda and Tony were excellent pet/ house sitters. We returned home after 5 weeks to two very happy dogs, an immaculate house and a very well tended pool and garden. There was even a meal waiting for us. They were conscientious, organised, very clean and reliable, kept to Harry and Charlie's schedule and obviously gave them lots of love and attention, as they sulked for a while when they left! We received regular updates on the "boys" activities which was fun and reassuring. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending Linda and Tony as pet/housesitters.

Harry & Charlie

Susan – Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico

Professional Referral – September 4 – October 4, 2018

There are not enough accolades for Tony and Linda who took care of my three dogs for the month for September 2018. I never experienced a single moment of insecurity or doubt that this wonderful couple would be ANYTHING but kind caring genuinely loving Abuelos to my beloved family. I spent the most relaxed vacation in many years as a result. I will be forever grateful! They LOVE animals. Period and what a relief not to worry. They cheerfully put up with tropical heat, unusual amounts of rain, mosquitos and no hot water for the entire month. Linda even learned to enjoy cold showers in the tropics! They sent me pix and bulletins through out the month which I appreciated. The only down side to the entire experience was the first night I got back home, my dogs slept in their room and not with me!! Their Abuelos spoiled them rotten is my theory and I’m sticking to it. FIVE BRIGHT AND SHINING STARS and a huge thank you.

Paloma, Samba, Pancho


Kristoffer – San Francisco, California, USA

Private Referral – October 5 - October 30, 2018

I want to thank you both sincerely from the bottom of my heart for taking care of my precious Bleue while I was away for 3+ weeks. Furthermore for being able to step in for a few extra days when my company sent me away to Vietnam for work. The house was immaculate when I came back, (it smelled cleaner than when I left- what’s your secret??) Bleue had a smile from ear to ear and was so excited to see me upon my return. Thank you too for check ins along the way and I really hope you both enjoyed your time of urban living in San Francisco. If you ever want to come again for an extended stay I’m sure Bleue would welcome it! Safe travels and thank you 1000 times again!

Kimberly - Menlo Park, California, US

Trusted House Sitters – October 31 – November 4, 2018

Linda and Tony are great. lucky for you if you can have them fit you into their full schedule of full time pet sitting and traveling the world. mature, responsible, animal loving!!! all around good people. My animals were loved and cared for. When I met them, Linda's priority was to write down feeding and walking schedule for Oliver my dog and feeding, medicine for my elderly cat. I returned to an immaculate house, clean and washed sheets and even a little homemade soup upon my evening return of travel. I hope that I see them again and that they will watch my pets when they are in my neighborhood.

Ollie & Skylar


Sara - Santa Cruz, California, US

Trusted House Sitters – November 8 – 12, 2018

I sure wish there were more than 5 stars for Linda and Tony. What great house sitters -- professionals extraordinaire! We enjoyed meeting them over supper the day before we left on our trip and formed a nice connection with them. Everything they did was just perfect. They kept in touch with photos and texts while we were away, even making suggestions about tasty things to try on our beloved, elderly dog's food to encourage her to eat. They obviously took good care of her, as she seemed quite relaxed when we reunited. The house was cleaner than we left it, with a delicious stir-fry and treat waiting for us! Other little touches included the replacement of an old measuring cup, the removal of a stubborn stain on our stove, and more. Whenever we plan another trip, we'll invite them to come again. I highly recommend Linda and Tony to others!

Kaymaria - Oakland, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - November 13 – 24, 2018

Linda and Tony arrived two days before we departed on our trip and stayed two nights after we returned, so we had the opportunity to share several meals together (one of which they prepared and for which I requested the recipe!) and got to know one another quite well. When we opened the door to greet Linda and Tony upon their arrival, our dogs Kimba and Jackson immediately began licking both of them, showing us right away that our boys would be in good hands while we were away. Linda and Tony caring for our dogs Kimba and Jackson and our home was a true gift. They arrived after the devastating fires in Northern California had begun and dealt with the effects of those fires throughout their entire stay. The air quality was considered unhealthy for all people and animals for several days, so they adapted to meet the needs of both their and the dogs' health. Wearing the air-filtering masks that we left for them, they took our boys for shorter, more frequent walks throughout the day rather than on the longer walks the boys were accustomed to taking with us. They sent us photos of Jackson cuddling with them and a video of Kimba playing with his toy, and once the air was clear enough to safely spend more time outside they collected the leaves our trees dropped. Luckily for California, we finally got some rain, but unluckily for Linda and Tony it was while they were here and they had to deal with power and Internet outages on top of everything else. We feel very sorry for Linda and Tony that they were not able to get out onto the trails and enjoy the glorious natural beauty of the East Bay - we hope they will have that opportunity during their next sit, which is also in the Bay Area! We are very grateful for the kind and attentive care they took of our boys and our home, and we would highly recommend them to anyone seeking trustworthy, loving, responsible new friends to care for their home and animal companions.

Kimba & Jackson

Joyce & Tom – Menlo Park, California, US

Professional Referral - November 24 – December 27, 2018

Our house looked lovely on our return, everything in its place and spotlessly clean.  Our cat obviously appreciated the care and attention you both gave him, as did we.  The welcome dinner you had prepared for us was delicious.  We could not have asked for better house sitters and will certainly be in touch when a need arises in the future.  Thank you both very much. We hope you have some wonderful adventures and travels ahead!


Heather & Gary – Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Aussie House Sitters - January 7 – 29, 2019

Linda and Tony cared for our 3 dogs like they were their own. They were knowledgeable about animal behaviour and kept us informed regularly. We came home to a spotless house, happy dogs and breakfast. Thank you. Highly recommended.

MacKenzie, Shelby & Rocky

Paul – Onewhero, New Zealand

Kiwi House Sitters - February 2 – 19, 2019

Please can I give these two wonderful people 200 stars. You often wonder if you still find honest, reliable, genuine good hearted people in todays world, and I can tell you that Tony and Linda are the most wonderful people I've met in my life. I arranged a trip to visit family abroad and entrusted them with our 4 dogs, our vehicle, our house and all our belongings. Honestly, I thinks they might have taken better care of our house, vehicle and pets than we do, so we would have to step up :) The communication, constant photos and videos was so reassuring and I couldn't have wished for a better fit. On behalf of myself, my wife Liza, our son, daughter, Chloe, Rolo, Lexi and Luca, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! If you ever come across Tony and Linda and they can fit you into their schedule, you would be silly not to use them as I can guarantee that it would be the best decision and you won't regret it. I really hope our paths cross again in the near future.

Chloe, Lexi, Lola & Rollo

Emma – Glen Eden, New Zealand

Kiwi House Sitters - February 14 – March 1, 2019

We asked Linda and Tony to look after our house and dog for just over two weeks. They communicated throughout and we got home to a very clean house, a happy dog and a great frittata in the fridge :)

Marianna & Brian - Katitkati, New Zealand

Kiwi House Sitters - March 12 - April 12, 2019

Good people. Great house-sitters, loved and cared for our pets. Linda and Tony are superb, professional house-sitters. We were kept in touch throughout our travels with photos and emails. It was wonderful to have peace of mind while we travelled the world. When we came home, Linda had cooked our dinner and left enough in the fridge to last a few days. The kitchen and dining and lounge was clean and tidy. The dogs were happy and healthy. I would recommend this sitter to anyone who wants peace of mind for their pets and house.


Bella & Amber

Sue – Stoke on Trent, UK

HouseCarers - May 8 – 20, 2019

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to both of you for the great job you did in looking after Lily and the house. It was such a relief to know I could go away without any worries. And thanks Tony for the help with the shower and the garden.

Would definitely recommend you to any other people looking for pet/house sitters and you are more than welcome to pass on my email address to anyone looking for a reference.

Gabrielle & Tony – Bingley, UK

Trusted House Sitters - May 21 – June 25, 2019

What can we say? What lovely people! We were so lucky to have Linda and Tony look after our Ragdoll cat, Mia. Not only did our cat visibly adore them both but Tony looked after our garden with so much love and attention that even the nearly consistent rain could not spoil the plants. The house was absolutely spotless on our return. Conversation never ran dry and we can truly say that we have gained new friends and are hopefully meeting up socially later in the year. Both Linda and Tony are fabulous cooks and, being foodies ourselves, we were able enjoy some samples of their delicious food. Both pet and home were in safe hands with these to trusted housesitters. 10 out of 10!



Christine & Jim – Edinburgh, UK

Trusted House Sitters - June 25 – July 17, 2019

Linda and Tony were fantastic! they agreed to come a few days before we left in order to get to know Rosie, our adolescent German Shepherd! She is at the "naughty" stage and I know they had to work very hard to keep her amused, happy and well exercised! We came home to a very happy dog who is now missing Linda and Tony!

Our house was immaculate, (much better than when I’m in charge!) and they had a delicious dinner waiting for us when we arrived home which was much appreciated after a long journey! I can’t recommend them highly enough, it was their mission to look after our dog and our home and they did so extremely well! I would hope there might be an opportunity in the future when they would be able to sit for us again!


Tara & Rachel – Birmingham, UK

Trusted House Sitters - July 17 – 22, 2019

Linda and Tony were wonderful house sitters, great communication beforehand and during the sit. They took excellent care of our babies, and the house was spotless when we returned, it was a perfect house sitting experience.

Nellie & TJ

Mark & Elaine – Grantham, UK

Trusted House Sitters - July 25 – August 19, 2019

Fantastic couple!! Our 3 dogs had a fantastic time with Linda and Tony!! Photo and message updates regularly and the house was spotless to come back too!!! Could not ask for better sitters and are an absolutely lovely couple. Thank you so much xxx

Laura & Rhys – Sturminster Newton, UK

Trusted House Sitters - August 22 – September 8, 2019

Well what can I say; Linda & Tony were ABSOLUTELY SUPERB HOUSESITTERS!! From our first communication they put my mind at ease with their organisation and friendliness. When they arrived at our home they were so kind with our dogs and even brought them welcome toys which was so sweet. Their patience with our nervous pup Doris was wonderful and instantly made me comfortable that she was going to have the best time with Linda & Tony. Likewise they were happy to run around the garden and play ball with our more playful pup Winston.

We had dinner together and chatted like old friends and when it was time to leave for the airport, I knew that the house and most importantly the dogs were going to be in great hands.

During the trip Linda and Tony were fantastic at keeping in touch and we loved seeing photos of the dogs playing and even our nervous pup Doris cuddling up to both Linda & Tony on the sofa!! That doesn’t come easy - she really needs to trust someone before she will sit next to them so that filled our hearts with so much happiness.

Arriving home to two very happy dogs, a lovely clean house & car was so wonderful!! Linda & Tony had even gone above and beyond to fix my broken vacuum, unblock a drain and they even had time to bake me a delicious apple pie from the apples in our garden! If that wasn’t enough, I also had a gorgeous lunch prepared for me too!!

I feel so lucky to have had Linda & Tony as our housesitters and I would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone else looking for a stress-free holiday!! Your pets & home would truly be in very experienced hands. I really hope that we can have Linda & Tony back one day in the future - they are just WONDERFUL!!! Thank you again both!

Lola, Princess & Willow

Doris & Winston

Cindy & Rob – Reading, UK

Repeat Sit – September 9 – 25, 2019

This was Linda and Tony’s third visit and not only was it just lovely to see them both again and hear all about their travels, it provided great peace of mind that they were so ‘at home’ here with all our furry and feathered ones whilst we were away. It goes without saying that Boris, Megan and Oscar were thrilled to see them too.

Victoria & Harris – Fleurac, Dordogne, France

Boris, Megan & Oscar

Merlot, Pinot, Millie, Suki & the Chickens

Mind My House – October 14 – November 16, 2019

Great professional House-sitters! - Linda and Tony stood out over the other potential candidates for our house-sit as being highly professional and motivated. We Skyped with them prior to offering them the sit and we liked them immediately. Having offered Tony and Linda the sit, communication between us was excellent and we agreed mutually convenient travel dates and arrival times – in fact they were extremely accommodating as we had to extend our trip by several days and that wasn’t a problem for them. Linda sent me a prepared list of questions and required information which I completed, and which acted as a good reference for my more complete notes which we left for them. We also agreed that they could use our car. As soon as we met Tony and Linda, we loved them! We had planned their arrival for 2 days prior to our departure which gave us ample time to get to know them, show them our home, the animals and our area. We found we had a lot in common and they were extremely easy to be with. They immediately warmed to our dogs and cats (and chickens too) and the love was quickly reciprocated! We left very early in the morning of our trip, but both Linda and Tony were up to see us off and Linda even helped to prepare our picnic lunch for our long drive ahead. Once on holiday, communication was great between us. Linda would occasionally send me a message if she had any questions or needed some clarification, but otherwise, I was able to follow the activities of our cats, dogs and chickens on Linda and Tony’s Facebook page which I really liked. Towards the end of our trip, one of our dogs developed a scratch on her leg. Linda and Tony responded very promptly and after having consulted with us, took our dog to the vet. It was nothing serious but was worth checking. In addition, Tony enjoys doing ‘stuff’ around the house and garden and he did several great things for us, inside and out, without us asking. On our return, the house was spotless with everything in its correct place and there was a delicious 3-course meal waiting for us. In conclusion, Tony and Linda are, without doubt, a ‘professional house-sitting couple’ and the benefits are clear:

• All communication was promptly and clearly dealt with

• Any potential problems were pre-empted or dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner

• Care of all our animals was done with love and considerable attention to detail

• Care of our home was exceptional and again, with considerable attention to detail

We can’t recommend Tony and Linda highly enough and look forward to having them house-sit for us again soon.

Moira & Owen, Mullingar, Ireland

Mind My House – November 17 – December 13, 2019

Cat sitting in the Irish winter! - Linda and Tony took wonderful care of our two house cats and indeed of our home for three and a half weeks- mid November to mid December 2019. Despite truly foul weather, they made the most of what this time of the year has to offer and remained cheery. Finally they prepared a delicious dinner for two bone-weary travellers - totally unexpected but much appreciated. This was the first time that we had house/pet sitters and I can only say that it was a truly positive experience. They would be welcome back anytime!

Rus & Mila

Marina & Richard, Torre del Mar, Spain

Mind My House – December 21 – 30, 2019

Perfect Housesitters - Linda and Tony were absolutely perfect. We couldn´t have wished for better sitters. We arrived home to a very relaxed dog who clearly hadn´t missed us at all. The house was immaculate with towels and sheets washed and the bed made up. As if that wasn´t enough there was a delicious Aubergine Bake ready to go in the oven! If you are lucky enough to get to meet Linda and Tony, snap them up!


Joyce & Tom, Menlo Park, California, US

Repeat Sit – January 3 – 24, 2020

Linda and Tony Granaghan are wonderful house sitters.  They make a real effort to get to know the pets they’re taking care of.  Our cat isn’t overly friendly yet he was curling up with Linda during nap time! Our house sparkled upon our return and there was even a delicious dinner waiting for us. We really hope they will be back!


Betty & Gary, Port Ludlow, Washington, US

Trusted House Sitters – January 30 – February 25, 2020

Others have stated how wonderful Linda and Tony are and we couldn't agree more! They are incredibly professional, warm and generous sitters. From the start we knew they were going to be perfect when we saw our somewhat shy Springer Spaniel, Riley, put his head on Tony's lap within a few minutes of their arrival. Our cat, Oscar, was equally enamored with them. We enjoyed getting to know them, as well, and were thrilled that they would be taking care of our pets and house. Unfortunately for Linda and Tony, Seattle had one of the worse stretches of winter weather in decades while they were staying at our house. A primary bridge was closed due to high winds and Linda and Tony drove 2-1/2 hours around the Hood Canal to get to our house (normally a 10-minute trip) so they they could take care of Riley and Oscar. It was truly a heroic effort! High winds caused further problems by damaging one of our boat covers. Tony checked on the boat after the storm, notified us immediately, and worked to remove the cover and bring it to our house. The final inconvenience for them was a muddy entrance caused by excessive rain and resulting delay in a landscaping project that was to have been finished by the time they arrived. They were very good sports, "weathering" all of this and giving Riley and Oscar as much outside time as possible, in spite of the circumstances. While we were gone, Tony and Linda kept us well informed, texting and emailing photos of Riley, Oscar and even our landscape project. They were very conscientious about making sure our rental house next door was managed properly, too. We returned to an immaculate house and even shared a lovely dinner prepared by Tony and Linda. From our perspective, they deserve many gold stars!!! We highly recommend Tony and Linda and hope they'll return for future sits.

Riley & Oscar

Susanne – El Dorado Hills, California, US

Repeat Sit – March 2 – 19, 2020

Linda and Tony are excellent house, dog sitters. We always come home to a clean and organized house, and calm and happy dogs. We had to cut our vacation short this time, due to the Covid 19 outbreak, and they were gracious and understanding. We have no hesitation in recommending them, and are looking forward to having them sit again in the future.

Harry & Charlie

Suzi & Holger - Silverton, Oregon, US

Repeat Sit - April 3 - May 20, 2020

We have remained in contact with Linda and Tony after their 3 week sit in 2018, and have developed a friendship.  We decided to move to Europe for a few years and put our home on Airbnb.   During the early beginnings of the Covid Pandemic, we decided to close our Airbnb for several months.  During this time we happened to see a post on Facebook that Linda and Tony were caught without their planned housesit because of borders closing.  It was the perfect situation for both of us!  They immediately flew to our home in Oregon and stayed 3 months looking after our home, as only they can do!  They repainted part of the porch, refinished the kitchen floor, set up the garden watering and were able to social distance with our neighbors and make many new friendships.  We felt our home was in the most capable and trusted hands.  We would never hesitate to recommend Tony and Linda to anyone looking for someone trustworthy to care for your pets or your home.

Aspen Grove Bungalow

Bri & Rob – La Jolla, California, US

Professional Referral – June 21 – July 23, 2020

Thanks for everything! It was such a pleasure to have you stay at our house and watch Shadow and Sugar! You guys were very thorough from the very beginning, yet flexible- thanks! I love the questionnaire you had me fill out regarding the “kids”. It really put my mind to ease that they were going to be in good hands. The animals seemed so happy and relaxed! I loved all the FB posts!


When we decided to stay longer you guys were incredible to not only reach out to help me find pet sitters you did and orientation with them and set everything up like it was your house and Shadow and Sugar were family.  Thank you.


I would so love to have y’all come pet sit again and I’m sure Shadow and Sugar would agree. I highly recommend you guys!!!!! Just keep your summers open for La Jolla!!!!

Sugar & Shadow

Elissa & Steve – Ithaca, New York, US

Professional Referral – July 24 – August 23, 2020

During a summer when everyone’s plans were upended by Covid, Linda and Tony were supposed to be somewhere more exotic than upstate NY, but their loss was our gain! Their unexpected availability to look after our house and pets was truly a silver lining in the cloud of this challenging time. We knew from the “get go” upon Zoom-meeting Linda and Tony that our two cats, chickens, and fish would be in excellent hands. They showed great care and concern for our kitties and all else. Their regular reports and photos of our pets and garden were welcome and much appreciated during the month we were away, and was all in good order upon our return. Linda and Tony are responsible, tidy, mature, and highly competent, with an obvious love for furbabies! These satisfied kitties and their humans would be happy to have Linda and Tony back next summer!

Midnight & Pebbles

Susanne & Peter – El Dorado Hills, California, US

Repeat Sit - October 31 – November 24, 2020

Linda and Tony are excellent house/ pet sitters. The house and yard is well cared for and we always come home to a clean, well maintained space. This is the third time we have had Linda and Tony and Harry and Charlie our two, not always so easy dogs, are very happy when they are here. They love all the attention and walks they get. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda and Tony as house/ pet sitters.

Harry & Charlie

Natalie – San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Professional Referral – January 11 – 21, 2021

I spent all of two hours with Tony and Linda Granaghan before deciding to entrust them with my home and my two cats, and even my car. Sometimes you just know. I returned 10 days later. My cats were so captivated with their new caretakers that my re-entry was a non-event. My car was returned with a full gas tank and spotless inside and out. Dinner was ready. I had traveled all day and had little energy in reserve. What a homecoming! Each of us believes in a win/win approach to life, and this was another such event. I recommend them without conditions........the only way.

Smudge & Koala

Cheryl & Greg - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Professional Referral - November 28 – January 3, 2020/21 & January 22 – January 30, 2021

Linda and Tony were a delight to have house sit for us!  My 2 little dogs, Tia and Tango were in love from the first minute. Our home, garden and pets were well loved and in perfect condition when we got back. We have used Tony and Linda twice now and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. They asked intelligent, thoughtful questions about our home and pets. They were clean, tidy, and respectful of our property. Tony has the added benefit of being very handy and a professional chef. We had a 5-star gourmet meal awaiting us on our return! Use them! You won’t be disappointed!

Tango & Tia

Basil & Henriette - Pátzcuaro, Mexico

Professional Referral – January 31 – March 10, 2021

We were happy to find Linda and Tony because it allowed us to be away for five weeks and to not worry about our dogs at all.  They were very good at communicating with us on how the dogs were doing with occasional photos and we returned to find our dogs happy and completely content. Also, we came home to find our house clean and the plants well tended. We enjoyed the time we were able to spend with them and we would have no hesitation having them return to sit for us again.

Bonnie & Calle

Martiel - Waynesville, North Carolina, US

Personal Contact – March 14 - April 14, 2021

Linda and Tony came to care for my two cats and my home this past Mar/Apr 2021. I knew they would take care of everything as they had house sat for me in the past. This time it wasn’t just house sitting, however, as they had my two fur babies of very differing personalities. One is a female who can be a bit of a wacko at times and then demanding of love and attention the next (and I mean demanding) and the other is a male tripod who tends to hide when strangers are around, but is a lover with those he trusts. They both received all the right attention and I received plenty of photos updating me on how incredibly happy they were while I was away. Yes, it was pleasing that my little traitors were doing well.


Unfortunately, several home and property issues that I had not expected came up and Linda and Tony stepped up and dealt with all of them... going to the store for supplies, doing manual labor in the rain and many other times as well. I felt terribly about it, but they responded with constant updates and all with understanding and such great attitudes!


I wish I had them ‘on call’ to hop on a plane whenever I need to go out of town. I would always feel completely at ease having them there while I’m away. And to top it off, when I got home everything was spotless and we had a wonderful evening over a dinner that Linda prepared! If you get lucky enough to have either of them cook for you, you will have an extra special treat indeed ! In other words, you would be blessed to have the opportunity to have these two special people care for you home and loved ones while you are away.

Jimmy & Motley

Lynne & Ben - Reisterstown, Maryland, US

Repeat Sit - March 15 - May 26, 2021

We can not say enough about Tony and Linda. This is the second time that they have house sat for us and it feels like having old friends coming to stay while we are away. We are completely comfortable knowing that they take better care of the cats than we do (and the cats love them) as well as our home. We come home to a clean. house - and Linda left us some delicious chicken soup! We also learn from them in small ways - that a topper would be good for our bed (thank you, Tony and Linda, for the comfy topper!) and that you can use lint in the fireplace (just to name a few things). The also send us photos of how the cats are doing as well as the yard as spring was springing while we were away. If I could I would always arrange my travel around their availability. I can not recommend them highly enough. If I could give them 20 stars I would.

Teddy & Edie

Claudia & Leel - San Francisco, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - July 17 - 25, 2021

Linda and Tony are exceptional Housesitters. They sat for us for a mere week and by its end we wished it had been longer. They stayed with us the night before we left and the night we got home, driving us to and from the airport on both ends of the trip. They were gracious and accommodating, communicated just enough to keep us informed, took great care of our home, made friends with all our neighbors and, most importantly, were excellent caretakers of our dog Oski. He is a young 90 lb Labrador Retriever who is still working on his house manners. They handled his mischief beautifully and we came home to a better-behaved dog than we left them with! He cuddled with them both the morning before they left - choosing them over me - he was clearly bonded and sad to see them go. We felt lucky to have Linda and Tony sit for us and had a great time getting to know them too. We’ll look forward to having them back again, hopefully for a longer sit next time! 


Riffi & Rick - Oakland, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - July 26 - 30, 2021

We cannot say more than other reviewers, as they already used all the superlatives we know. Linda and Tony are a delightful couple, who showered our doglike feline with affection. Plus, our house was left in total order and clean. You won't go wrong with these folks. Highly recommend!! 

Cosmo aka "Dawg"

Mona & Mark - Berkeley, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - Aug 15 - 29, 2021

Linda and Tony were OUTSTANDING pet/house sitters while we were away. They bonded beautifully with our dog Tosha, bad boy cat Rascal and ancient kitty Gigi, not to mention the chickens. Tony even managed to become friends with Gigi who is usually afraid of men. They took our dog to the local park to see her dog play group in the mornings, and I received numerous unsolicited complements about what lovely people they are. All of the animals were so well cared for. Our house was spotless when we came home, evidence of how responsible they are and how much they appreciated our home. I cannot praise them enough. Linda and Tony earned our complete trust and we hope to have the opportunity again to share our pets and home with them on a future sit.

Gigi, Chooks, Tosha & Rascal


Avis & Ron - El Cerrito, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - Aug 31 - Sep 4, 2021

We cannot thank Linda and Tony enough. We are so very grateful to have found them on THS. From the initial moment we met them on Zoom, they were easy to talk to and genuine people with a love for what they do, we knew they were the ones we wanted. They have a very impressive house/pet sitting history with years of experience in the US and international, which gave us real confidence. They are amazing warm people, down to earth, globally experienced and brilliant house/pet sitters.

We were able to relax and enjoy our trip, knowing our home and our 8-month-old Borderdoodle puppy, Matza, was in good, safe hands. We loved their updates and photos. They were wonderful attending to our succulent gardens and plants.

The house was immaculate when we returned. We highly recommend Linda and Tony, it felt like family members staying at the house and looking after our Matza.

Again, we would like to say Linda and Tony are professional, trustworthy, generous with their time and most importantly, compassionate and loving to our puppy, Matza.

We have been very spoiled having them house/pet sit for us.

Stop looking and contact Linda and Tony. Absolutely PERFECT!

Mary & Fran - Sonoma, California, US

Personal Contact - May 26 - July 16, 2021 & September 4, 2021 - January 4, 2022

Some five years ago, on our way to Thailand, we met a couple at a bar in San Francisco's airport. We got to talking and learned about what they did with their lives, which was to house and pet sit all over the world. Honestly, it seemed a little crazy and we walked away thinking that it was a little crazy and that it didn't seem likely we would ever do it. Fast forward to the present day when we began to travel back to Greece for long stays. We considered our kennel, but the price for our girl, CJ, was exorbitant. The kennel also advised that long stays, weeks and months, in our case, was not good for the dog. Also, our house would have been left empty. We began to talk to Linda and Tony via email and decided to try this arrangement, which requires a huge leap of faith in people you really don't know. For us and for them. This last summer, we were in Greece for six weeks, came back to California, and then returned to Greece for four months in September. Linda and Tony lived in our house, took care of our beloved dog and our house (and our cars). It was an incredible experience. First and foremost, the dog adored them. When they returned after the first sit, she went absolutely crazy, delighted to see that they had returned. Secondly, after the first time they were here, and after the second time (after four months), the house was impeccably cared for. Linda was kind enough to have cooked for our return, and we spent a couple of days together before they left for their next adventure. It was like being with old friends. We trust them completely. Our neighbors took to them and they became part of the routine here where we live. They are incredibly conscientious and kind. We knew what was happening at home, if they needed anything for the house or the dog or if we needed anything from home. (I needed some important paperwork, Tony found it and sent it.) This is a win-win arrangement. Our animal was loved and cared for. She could be at home, not skipping a beat. Our house was cared for. We had peace of mind and we would do it again. We plan to do it all again. Tony and Linda are the best and I am more than happy to speak to anyone about them who might consider their services.        


Vida & Mike - Highgate, London, UK

Trusted House Sitters - Jan 10 - Feb 4, 2022

Linda and Tony were fantastic! We felt very relaxed with them as soon as they walked through the door. They have travelled around and have many interesting stories. You could see how much they love animals. They are very experienced with dogs. Teddy was treated like a little king. I came home to a very happy dog. I also came home to a beautiful salmon salad that looked like it had been made in a top notch restaurant. It was very good, I really enjoyed it. I would not hesitate in inviting Linda and Tony for another sit. They are very popular and very experienced so if you manage to book them in, lucky you :)


Christine & Jim - Edinburgh, Scotland

Repeat Sit - February 1 - March 1, 2022

This was the second time Linda and Tony looked after our home and our lovely but nervous German Shepherd, Rosie. I cannot recommend them highly enough! We would book them to sit for Rosie every time we go away but they are very much in high demand and not often available! Within seconds of them arriving Rosie recognised them and fell in love with them all over again! I think I can say they loved her too! She is not the easiest of dogs but they worked very hard with her to ensure she was happy, content and well exercised. I can't recommend them highly enough to look after loved pets, Tony and Linda will treat them as their own! They regularly sent us photos and videos to reassure us that Rosie was happy! Our house was immaculate when we arrived home and they had a delicious dinner on the table waiting for us! Tony is very practical and will mend and sort any small issues within the household. There were three storms while we were away and Tony secured everything in the garden that might have been moved or damaged. Tony took us the airport (very early) and picked us up after an arduous journey. It made a huge difference to both journeys. We cannot thank them enough, or recommend them more highly! Rosie is still checking their bedroom in the morning, just to see if she can find them!


Cooper, Mia, Rucca & Daisy

Mike & Eli - Monção, Portugal

Mind My House - March 22 - April 25, 2022

Linda and Tony sat for us for a month over March- April, 2022 It was apparent straight away that they were a good fit for our 4 legged brood, the dogs took to them immediately in fact Cooper, our 'aloof' boy became Tony's lap dog... all 35 kilos of him! and our recent rescue who is quite a fragile girl, bonded with Linda, and now seems to be a little more open to play with our other two girls, a big step for Ruru. A word of warning....watch your waistline as they cook up a storm in the kitchen, we've never tasted such treat, we can absolutely recommend the duck. Tony and Linda will lovingly look after your pets and home, keeping you updated with texts and plenty of photographs, we were delighted they sat for us, and we would recommend that you chose them too.

Arabella & Robert - East Berkholt, UK

Trusted House Sitters - May 4 - 11, 2022

Linda and Tony are fantastic - I would happily have them back. Daphne and Lucy were looked after beautifully and the house was definitely left cleaner than they found it. I couldn’t have asked for better pet sitters.

Lulu & Peppa

Lucy & Daphne

Stephan & Marie-Helene - Arbonne la Foret, France

Repeat Sit - May 12 - 30, 2022

Lulu and Peppa spend the best of their holidays with Linda and Tony. They were very happy with their nannies, Linda and Tony. Keep your happiness and way of living!!! See you next year!!!

Katie & Ian - London, England, UK

Trusted House Sitters - May 31 - June 4, 2022

Linda and Tony were the most fantastic pet and house sitters! Very experienced, kind and extremely thoughtful. They were really clear and helpful communicating beforehand and throughout the stay. We got updates and photos of Tano from his many walks. Tano clearly had a lovely time and developed a strong bond with them both. We came back to an incredibly clean house, a very delicious meal and most importantly a very happy dog. I really hope they will be available again - we would be lucky to have them!


Pandora, Tiger, Digger & Us

Colette & Brendan - Ennis, Ireland

Trusted House Sitters - June 8 - 30, 2022

Linda and Tony are absolutely superb sitters. They looked after our young Goldie and two cats for three weeks while we toured Ireland in our motorhome. We were very lucky to get them when we did. They are an extremely pleasant couple with a totally professional approach while at the same being relaxed and making us feel very comfortable. Communication was perfect from beginning to end. From the moment they arrived we could tell our pets were in safe and loving hands. They kept us updated with pictures and videos which was really reassuring. Unfortunately due to hospitalisation shortly before our planned trip to France I was warned not to travel, but Linda and Tony came as arranged and became our ‘carers’ for two days before I felt strong enough to embark on a trip around Ireland instead of France. Linda cooked for us including an amazing roast beef ‘Sunday dinner’ before we left. They are a very organised couple who take on board the homeowners preferences without question. Our big Goldie was delighted to see us but after Linda and Tony left we could clearly see he missed them. The house was sparkling with all linen washed and dried. The garden and houseplants never looked better. So nice to come home to. What more is there to say? Only if you get an opportunity to avail of their services grab it. You won’t find better. And we have loads of super sitters. We’d welcome them back any chance we can.

Kate & Mark - Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Professional Referral - July 4 - 29, 2022

Tony and Linda are first-class house sitters with such a wealth of experience. They have a very professional approach to housesitting and a genuine love for animals. Our two old dogs were so well cared for during the 3.5 weeks we were away I doubt they missed us at all!
Even our old, arthritic, and bossy Yorkie "The Stink" was no problem for Linda and Tony. They kept us up to date with what the boys were up to and took great care of our home.
They quickly adapt to their new (albeit temporary) community with the ease of seasoned travellers. I'm sure they could easily navigate any problems that might arise, regardless of the country or language (thankfully, we didn’t have any while we were away).
They also bring a good sense of humour and a passion for cuisine – along with plenty of laughs; we were also treated to a delicious meal when we returned. We can highly recommend Tony and Linda.

Sprocket & Alvin

Cindy & Robert - Beech Hill, Berkshire, UK

Repeat Sit - August 4 -16, 2022

Well, what can I say other than how truly lovely it was to see Linda and Tony again. They have sat for us and our furred and feathered ones three times before and only COVID has stopped them being able to return before now.

They are excellent sitters who are kind, caring, conscientious and respectful in all aspects of the sit.

We left the car for them to use whilst we were away which also meant that Tony was able to take us to the airport and collect us on our return an arrangement which works equally well for all concerned… and Tony had kindly cleaned the car on our return.

I can’t speak too highly of them both and hope that they are able to sit for us again when they next find themselves in the UK.

Happy travels guys…. and thanks for taking such good care of everything whilst we were away.


Boris, Oscar & Chook

Charlotte & Grahame - Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, UK

THS - Aug 19 - Sept 5, 2022

Catch this amazing couple if you can!!!! We were so lucky that we had time to get to know them before we left and hear some of their amazing travel stories and be spoiled with first rate chef produced delicacies like perfect dairy free lemon meringue pie, had to eat quickly before it floated off the plate! But alongside of all that, the fur babies clearly took them into their hearts before we had even left so we could wave bye-bye without a worry, and indeed our return was to prove their dedication as everything was perfect…. We can’t believe how easy they make the whole leaving home thing seemless and anxiety free (not easy for me) and we were so sad to see them go and hope very much, that they will return another time if our itineraries match!!!! Thank you Linda and Tony…. Xxxxxxxx

Nicole - Putney, London, UK

Coco, Zed, Dizzy & Rascal

Hiccup Rose

Trusted House Sitters - Sept 6 - 14, 2022

I could not have been happier or more relaxed to have had Linda and Tony looking after my beloved Hiccup. A most interesting couple who seemed perfectly content to look after Hiccup in my modest home. On return I found the house in perfect order and Hiccup in fine form. Lovely photos and videos were sent to me regularly which were much appreciated by me and the friends I was staying with.

Bridget - Tampa, Florida, US

Trusted House Sitters - September 17 - November 4, 2022

I feel very fortunate that Linda and Tony are taking care of my cats, home and property for 2 back to back sits covering close to 50 days. They just completed the 1st week and ended up staying through the weekend to begin the 5 week sit because of COVID and Hurricane Ian issues, and that has been a blessing. They are seasoned sitters, seasoned Hurricane survivors and I feel completely at ease knowing my cats and home are in their capable hands. They are a delightful, resourceful, organized couple who have already been helpful far beyond sitting, by providing me with all sorts of information on where I am in Mexico, from restaurants to drivers, as well as brainstorming about hurricane preparedness. I rest easy knowing they’re in my home with my babies at this difficult time. If THS allowed a score of 10, I would gladly give it!


Tony and Linda definitely earned their 5 stars taking care of our home and cats for over a month during the time when Hurricane Ian hit, and really deserve a 10! They encouraged me to head to Mexico before the airport closed and shouldered the hurricane prep and clean up without me, including several days without power until our friend brought a generator. We have a 3/4 acre property with many trees and they did a tremendous job collecting and hauling bins of yard waste to the curb over several weeks. They also cleared items like our tandem kayak and yard art prior to Ian so they weren’t projectiles. They were very thoughtful and prepared, and were ready to take our cats to a shelter if necessary. We knew our home and cats were in experienced hands. In addition to being hurricane pros, Tony and Linda were super sitters in many other ways, which was particularly appreciated on a long trip away from cats and home. They sent several pictures of both cats daily, most of which were our cats comfortably lounging on their laps! They were here during a roofing project and kept us abreast of progress throughout. Tony also took on a number of household projects like fixing the wiring on our vacuum cleaner, setting clocks and timers, enhancing our audio visual set up and an assortment of other projects we have yet to discover! Linda made a delicious welcome home meal and we found our home just as we left it and then some! And the best part was that it was very clear that our cats were healthy and cherished when we returned. We highly recommend Tony and Linda and hope they’re back in this area for future sits.

Piku & Ooobo

Murphy & Coco

Anne - Brentwood, California, US

Private Referral - November 15 - December 15, 2022

Tony and Linda Granaghan cared for our home and pets from November 15 to December 15 this year.  It was the first time we had used house sitters, but it won‘t be the last.

Tony and Linda took great care of the pups, walked them regularly and managed medications and other requests. They seemed to genuinely care about the dogs and the pups clearly loved them.

The house was in fine shape when we arrived home and a new lighted Christmas tree welcomed us.  I had purchased the tree months ago, but not unpacked it.  When Tony went to unpack it, he discovered a broken part. After a text exchange with me, he contacted the company and navigated the exchange process on my behalf, returning the old tree and receiving and installing the new one.  This is just one example of many of their going above and beyond what we had expected.

Tony picked us up at the airport and Linda had a beautiful meal—including homemade bread—awaiting us.  It was just what we needed after the long flights from Singapore.

I cannot recommend the Granaghans more highly.  If you can get a spot on their schedule, grab it!

Fran & Mary - Sonoma, California, US

Repeat Sit - December 15, 2022 - January 8, 2023

When you come home from a trip in which Linda and Tony were pet sitting for you, you will notice 3 things:

1) Your house is in better shape than when you left it.

2) Your pets are so happy they are practically ambivalent about your return.

3) There are often yummy goodies left behind for you.


Tony and Linda have stayed with our dog several times now because they make our travel worry free. We know our pet is in excellent hands, our house, our cars all are well cared for. Tony actually asked to hammer out a dent in my car last time, and you barely notice it now. He is always looking for something to do and makes little fixes here and there. Linda is an excellent cook and even made doggie treats during one extended stay. If you are lucky enough to book these two fine people, do not hesitate, you will be beyond pleased.

Chai & Amelia

Deborah & Toby - Walnut Creek, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - Jan 10 - 17, 2023

Caroline & Connor - Walnut Creek, California, US

Trusted House Sitters - Jan 19 - 22, 2023

Linda and Tony were warm, friendly and highly communicative from the start. We were so impressed with their quick response time and eagerness to meet Gracie prior to sitting for her (so they knew she trusted them!). They were incredibly professional and on top of it! It’s very clear they love animals and people and put a lot of care and love into their stays. I wish they lived next door because Gracie loved them and they were so trusting to have stay! They sent us regular photos and updates and our house was in amazing condition when we got home. Thank you Linda and Tony!


Linda and Tony were absolutely fantastic! They left the house in great shape and took excellent care of the kitties. Good communication before and during! I hope they will be free during our next vacation; would love to have them back anytime.