Happy Housesitters International

Linda and Tony came to care for my two cats and my home this past Mar/Apr 2021. I knew they would take care of everything as they had house sat for me in the past. This time it wasn’t just house sitting, however, as they had my two fur babies of very differing personalities. One is a female who can be a bit of a wacko at times and then demanding of love and attention the next (and I mean demanding) and the other is a male tripod who tends to hide when strangers are around, but is a lover with those he trusts. They both received all the right attention and I received plenty of photos updating me on how incredibly happy they were while I was away. Yes, it was pleasing that my little traitors were doing well.

Unfortunately, several home and property issues that I had not expected came up and Linda and Tony stepped up and dealt with all of them... going to the store for supplies, doing manual labor in the rain and many other times as well. I felt terribly about it, but they responded with constant updates and all with understanding and such great attitudes!

I wish I had them ‘on call’ to hop on a plane whenever I need to go out of town. I would always feel completely at ease having them there while I’m away. And to top it off, when I got home everything was spotless and we had a wonderful evening over a dinner that Linda prepared! If you get lucky enough to have either of them cook for you, you will have an extra special treat indeed! In other words, you would be blessed to have the opportunity to have these two special people care for you home and loved ones while you are away.