Happy Housesitters International

Linda and Tony arrived two days before we departed on our trip and stayed two nights after we returned, so we had the opportunity to share several meals together (one of which they prepared and for which I requested the recipe!) and got to know one another quite well. When we opened the door to greet Linda and Tony upon their arrival, our dogs Kimba and Jackson immediately began licking both of them, showing us right away that our boys would be in good hands while we were away. Linda and Tony caring for our dogs Kimba and Jackson and our home was a true gift. They arrived after the devastating fires in Northern California had begun and dealt with the effects of those fires throughout their entire stay. The air quality was considered unhealthy for all people and animals for several days, so they adapted to meet the needs of both their and the dogs' health. Wearing the air-filtering masks that we left for them, they took our boys for shorter, more frequent walks throughout the day rather than on the longer walks the boys were accustomed to taking with us. They sent us photos of Jackson cuddling with them and a video of Kimba playing with his toy, and once the air was clear enough to safely spend more time outside they collected the leaves our trees dropped. Luckily for California, we finally got some rain, but unluckily for Linda and Tony it was while they were here and they had to deal with power and Internet outages on top of everything else. We feel very sorry for Linda and Tony that they were not able to get out onto the trails and enjoy the glorious natural beauty of the East Bay - we hope they will have that opportunity during their next sit, which is also in the Bay Area! We are very grateful for the kind and attentive care they took of our boys and our home, and we would highly recommend them to anyone seeking trustworthy, loving, responsible new friends to care for their home and animal companions.