Happy Housesitters International

Great professional House-sitters! - Linda and Tony stood out over the other potential candidates for our house-sit as being highly professional and motivated. We Skyped with them prior to offering them the sit and we liked them immediately. Having offered Tony and Linda the sit, communication between us was excellent and we agreed mutually convenient travel dates and arrival times – in fact they were extremely accommodating as we had to extend our trip by several days and that wasn’t a problem for them. Linda sent me a prepared list of questions and required information which I completed, and which acted as a good reference for my more complete notes which we left for them. We also agreed that they could use our car. As soon as we met Tony and Linda, we loved them! We had planned their arrival for 2 days prior to our departure which gave us ample time to get to know them, show them our home, the animals and our area. We found we had a lot in common and they were extremely easy to be with. They immediately warmed to our dogs and cats (and chickens too) and the love was quickly reciprocated! We left very early in the morning of our trip, but both Linda and Tony were up to see us off and Linda even helped to prepare our picnic lunch for our long drive ahead. Once on holiday, communication was great between us. Linda would occasionally send me a message if she had any questions or needed some clarification, but otherwise, I was able to follow the activities of our cats, dogs and chickens on Linda and Tony’s Facebook page which I really liked. Towards the end of our trip, one of our dogs developed a scratch on her leg. Linda and Tony responded very promptly and after having consulted with us, took our dog to the vet. It was nothing serious but was worth checking. In addition, Tony enjoys doing ‘stuff’ around the house and garden and he did several great things for us, inside and out, without us asking. On our return, the house was spotless with everything in its correct place and there was a delicious 3-course meal waiting for us. In conclusion, Tony and Linda are, without doubt, a ‘professional house-sitting couple’ and the benefits are clear:

• All communication was promptly and clearly dealt with

• Any potential problems were pre-empted or dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner

• Care of all our animals was done with love and considerable attention to detail

• Care of our home was exceptional and again, with considerable attention to detail

We can’t recommend Tony and Linda highly enough and look forward to having them house-sit for us again soon.