Happy Housesitters International

Leaving your beloved animals with house sitters can always be an issue of concern. 

However, we have found with Linda and Tony it is totally the opposite. 

They have now stayed at our place in Spain and looked after our 5 cats twice. 

They are clearly animal lovers and had a lovely way with the cats from the off. 

They are not just extremely caring and very professional in their approach to sitting, but they think of everything and nothing whatsoever phases them. 

If possible we would have them look after our fur babes every time we have to go away and of course would highly recommend them as top rate sitters. 

Also, our one little fur babe with a few health issues, Graham, looked so healthy on our return. 

If we could rate them, it would be 10 out of 10 for all aspects of their sitting. 
Thank you both so much.