Happy Housesitters International

There are not enough accolades for Tony and Linda who took care of my three dogs for the month for September 2018. I never experienced a single moment of insecurity or doubt that this wonderful couple would be ANYTHING but kind caring genuinely loving Abuelos to my beloved family. I spent the most relaxed vacation in many years as a result. I will be forever grateful! They LOVE animals. Period and what a relief not to worry. They cheerfully put up with tropical heat, unusual amounts of rain, mosquitos and no hot water for the entire month. Linda even learned to enjoy cold showers in the tropics! They sent me pix and bulletins through out the month which I appreciated. The only down side to the entire experience was the first night I got back home, my dogs slept in their room and not with me!! Their Abuelos spoiled them rotten is my theory and I’m sticking to it. FIVE BRIGHT AND SHINING STARS and a huge thank you.