Happy Housesitters International

Others have stated how wonderful Linda and Tony are and we couldn't agree more! They are incredibly professional, warm and generous sitters. From the start we knew they were going to be perfect when we saw our somewhat shy Springer Spaniel, Riley, put his head on Tony's lap within a few minutes of their arrival. Our cat, Oscar, was equally enamored with them. We enjoyed getting to know them, as well, and were thrilled that they would be taking care of our pets and house. Unfortunately for Linda and Tony, Seattle had one of the worse stretches of winter weather in decades while they were staying at our house. A primary bridge was closed due to high winds and Linda and Tony drove 2-1/2 hours around the Hood Canal to get to our house (normally a 10-minute trip) so they they could take care of Riley and Oscar. It was truly a heroic effort! High winds caused further problems by damaging one of our boat covers. Tony checked on the boat after the storm, notified us immediately, and worked to remove the cover and bring it to our house. The final inconvenience for them was a muddy entrance caused by excessive rain and resulting delay in a landscaping project that was to have been finished by the time they arrived. They were very good sports, "weathering" all of this and giving Riley and Oscar as much outside time as possible, in spite of the circumstances. While we were gone, Tony and Linda kept us well informed, texting and emailing photos of Riley, Oscar and even our landscape project. They were very conscientious about making sure our rental house next door was managed properly, too. We returned to an immaculate house and even shared a lovely dinner prepared by Tony and Linda. From our perspective, they deserve many gold stars!!! We highly recommend Tony and Linda and hope they'll return for future sits.