Happy Housesitters International

This was the second time Linda and Tony looked after our home and our lovely but nervous German Shepherd, Rosie. I cannot recommend them highly enough! We would book them to sit for Rosie every time we go away but they are very much in high demand and not often available! Within seconds of them arriving Rosie recognised them and fell in love with them all over again! I think I can say they loved her too! She is not the easiest of dogs but they worked very hard with her to ensure she was happy, content and well exercised. I can't recommend them highly enough to look after loved pets, Tony and Linda will treat them as their own! They regularly sent us photos and videos to reassure us that Rosie was happy!

Our house was immaculate when we arrived home and they had a delicious dinner on the table waiting for us! Tony is very practical and will mend and sort any small issues within the household. There were three storms while we were away and Tony secured everything in the garden that might have been moved or damaged. Tony took us the airport (very early) and picked us up after an arduous journey. It made a huge difference to both journeys. We cannot thank them enough, or recommend them more highly! Rosie is still checking their bedroom in the morning, just to see if she can find them!