Happy Housesitters International

Exemplary in every way!! Linda and Tony are expert professional housesitters. We had a wonderful, engaging video visit/ introduction a couple months before the sit. Linda has put together a comprehensive questionnaire that we have since adopted for use with future Sitters. We are relative newbies to THS and were comforted by Linda and Tony's seasoned, practical approach to logistics. We had a last-minute plumbing issue at the house which was only partially resolved by the time the sit took place. Tony and Linda were very gracious about this and easily approached. Their care for Stella, the house, and the car were top-notch! Upon our return, Stella calmly met us at the door as if to say "Where did the fun people go? " They sent pictures of Stella living her best life - on outings, walks, lounging on the deck.... somehow they even managed to get a picture of her wearing her birthday crown and looking directly at the camera!! - something she rarely does with us.

The house was next-level clean!!. We had the house professionally cleaned before the sit and don't know how Tony and Linda managed to take the house to the next level.... truly above and beyond. They even detailed the car! Oh... and did I mention that we came home to the most delicious quiche we've ever had? 10,000 stars is not enough to express our appreciation for Linda and Tony. We'd welcome them back anytime as sitters and as friends. **** EXEMPLARY in EVERY WAY ****