Happy Housesitters International

What do you get when you combine former chefs + animal lovers + good humor + independence + adventurers + fun loving free spirits? Answer: Linda and Tony! A unique delightful mix, a recipe for success! I lucked out with a sit that while not their first choice for location, fit their dates and other criteria. They deluded themselves into thinking it would be spring in Minnesota mid-March, ha ha! Yep, a snowstorm got 'em, but they handed it with grace and good humor. Nary a complaint! As you would expect from pros like these folks, all was well before, during and after the sit: clean and tidy house, happy cats, and tasty leftovers for me in the fridge! We had good time cooking together for their arrival dinner. They magically elevated my humble chicken bake into a gourmet delight. Lots of laughs! Just make sure you have a decent sized vehicle if you transport them to and from the airport, since they travel with most of their belongings as full-time sitters. It was all worth it though, as this fun couple will give you their best effort! Many thanks and my high recommendations for Linda and Tony!